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Media Studies Department

“We must strive to be media literate so that we can interrogate media texts and construct our own meanings from them rather than allow the more powerful elements of society to impose them upon us.”

De La Salle College Boys’ College offers AS and A2 courses in Media Studies, which would benefit all students but especially those interested in associated undergraduate courses or a job in the media.

MEDIA STUDIES is an exciting, modern subject, which allows students to investigate and better understand today’s media-saturated society.  By going behind the scenes, students learn how the various media institutions work and what influence the media have in their lives.

At AS there are three modules covering a wide range of topics from deconstructing print and moving images to analysing and developing various audience and representational theories (ME1 and ME2). There is a significant element of practical work in the AS course (ME3), where students are required to make their own media products to a professional standard.  Students have opportunities to write scripts or screenplays, draw storyboards, plan an advertising campaign, produce a short film or radio show, design posters, make a newspaper or magazine, produce a website, etc.

Studying Media Studies at A2 is a challenging yet fulfilling choice. Again, you will take on three modules, one of which is an individual research dissertation of 3000 words (ME4). The final two examination modules cover all aspects of the media industry (ME5) as well as specialising in one area (ME6). At present this is Crime Drama, following on from Documentary and Sci-Fi in previous years.