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Art & Design Department

De La Salle College


The Art Department’s mission statement is, ‘to make Art and Design enjoyable, interesting and challenging and in doing so promoting positive attitudes to the visual arts.”

In De La Salle College we hope to challenge students to develop their observational skills and artistic understanding of Art and Design.   We believe Art plays an important role in everyone’s lives; from the clothes you wear, the computer games you play, the chair you sit in, to the film you watch and enjoy.  Art provides important opportunities to develop young people’s practical, exploratory, expressive, design and problem-solving skills at a level appropriate to their age, maturity and physical dexterity.

Many areas of employment value creative thinking and problem solving skills that are an essential part of any Art and Design course.  Studying these subjects boosts employability prospects, particularly in areas such as film, academia, publishing, journalism and gallery or museum work.

Facilities and Resources

The Art and Design Department has two full-time teachers, two part-time teachers and a technician

Ms Bernadette McIlhatton (Head of Department)

Mrs Jennifer Gallagher

Mrs Shiela Gilmore


We have 3 newly equipped art suites, one incorporates a separate ceramic preparation room and kiln room.   We also have a Muti-media Mac suite comprising of 23 Mac’s for all digital media work.

Key Stage 3

Our programme of work is planned over three years, to progress each pupil’s experience of a wide range of art and design skills, media and processes.  These building blocks provide a fundamental structure of enlightenment for Key Stage 3 pupils to research, investigate, experiment and embody visual literacy.  At all stages we are fully aware of the Northern Ireland Curriculum and its belief in allowing all pupils to work in a full range of materials, media and processes.


Year 8

Course Outline:

All pupils in Year 8 work on the Theme Food and have one hour of art per week.  The pupils undertake work in both 2 and 3 dimensions and in media such as



Graphic media

Mixed media


3-dimensional work




Digital media including Film (live action and/or animation)

These activities encourage them to:

  • ·        respond to the world around them;
  • ·        respond to their individual feelings and emotions;
  • ·        develop and use their imagination;
  • ·        express their ideas, thoughts and feelings;
  • ·        solve problems; and
  • ·       


Continuous assessment is integral to our department.  In keeping with the N.I.Curriculum, all teachers share their learning intentions and success criteria with all pupils, which promotes learning.  Continuous feedback to pupils throughout lessons and Peer and Self-assessment raise our pupils’ self-esteem and their performance.  All our pupils use the ‘two stars and a wish’ strategy to reflect on their own learning. The ‘two stars’ form the positive feedback on a piece of work and the ‘wish’ indicates where development could be made.



Homework is a vital component as it reinforces the Teaching and Learning that occurred during the lesson.  Pupils will receive 1 homework per week, which must be signed by the parent or guardian.  All pupils will have a worksheet listing each terms homework in their sketchpads.  Your son must spend at least one hour on his artwork and as the course progresses the time will increase accordingly.  Your son must evaluate his work using the ‘2 stars and a wish’ marking system that we currently use in our department.


The New revised CCEA G.C.S.E. for 2009 is made up of two units:

Unit 1:  The Core Portfolio (Controlled Assessment/Classwork)

Students must submit a maximum of 20 A2 pages (or equivalent in other formats).   This should reflect a minimum of 45 hours of teacher student contact time.  It must include one piece of work that has been developed to a final outcome and show that students have experience of at least two different creative media.

Unit 2: Working to a Stimulus (Unit 2) is assessed through an externally set examination. A minimum of 15 hours spent producing preparatory work; and a final outcome that candidates must complete within a set period of 10 hours and they must carry out under controlled test conditions.


The revised CEA GCE Art and Design specification is available at two levels: AS and A2. Students can take the AS course as a final qualification or as the first half of the A Level qualification. Students who wish to obtain a full A level qualification must also complete the second half of the course, which is referred to as A2.

The course is comprised of four units: two at AS level and two at A2 level. 

These are listed below:

Year 13

AS 1: Coursework Portfolio
AS 2: Externally Set Assignment

Year 14

A2 1: Personal Investigation.
Students must also produce a written statement (with a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2000 words) that shows evidence of theoretical research and understanding.

A2 2: Externally Set Assignment

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